Teddy Roosevelt: Mind Body and Spirit.
Vincent, a portrait.
About Ted.
Thank you for a sensational afternoon with TR!” ---Smithsonian Institution
One man. One hour. One unforgettable show. In Teddy Roosevelt: Mind, Body and
Spirit, actor and author Ted Zalewski brings to life, one of America’s greatest presidents.
Combining history, drama and fun, TR gives voice to many of Roosevelt’s own words,
writings, and beliefs. Cowboy, soldier, naturalist, historian, father, statesman and
winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, Theodore Roosevelt lived a life that inspires us still.
Get ready for a ‘bully’ time with Teddy Roosevelt: Mind, Body and Spirit!
The Today Show, NBC
Gerald Ford Presidential Library, Michigan
International Platform Association, D.C.
Yellowstone National Park, South Dakota
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, Iowa
McKinley Memorial, Ohio
Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Martin Van Buren Site, New York
Isle LaMotte Centennial, Vermont
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Wyoming
Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA
Trollwood Park, North Dakota
Peeks Island, Maine
Lyceum, Alexandria, VA
Texas Christian University, TX
Dallas Women’s Club, Texas
Roosevelt Inaugural Site, Buffalo, NY
Mt. Washington Hotel, New Hampshire
Jamestown, Virginia
Numerous libraries and historical societies
Teddy Roosevelt: Mind Body and Spirit.
Vincent, a portrait.
About Ted.
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Teddy Roosevelt as portrayed by Ted Zalewski
TEDDY ROOSEVELT: Mind Body and Spirit
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